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Hi Dr. Sharma,

hope you are doing fine. Sorry for the delay. I was really occupied with something and couldn't sit down earlier. i went through the web site and i must say that 'Aesthetique' does look impressive. but then i didn't expect anything otherwise.i wish you all the very best for it and i'm sure it'll be one of the very best in the country.

message for web site: I am an actor and i got a chin surgery done from Dr. Sharma last year in december. I am not qualified to comment about the expertise and skill of a doctor,but from a patient's perspective i must say Dr. Sharma has given me exactly what i needed and more. He took care about understanding what i was looking for. Talking to him before getting the surgery done was comforting and reassuring. As expected everything went smoothly on the day and in a couple of weeks i was absolutely fit enough to resume my daily activities. I must also add that he's a kind hearted and warm gentleman who has a knack of understanding and knowing what the patient wishes for and then executing it perfectly. Even after the surgery he is always there during the recovery period with his suggestions and is only a phone call away. All i can tell you Dr. Sharma that I am grateful to you for all that you have done for me and i wish you all the very best. For people who are in the entertainment industry i must say that if you are looking to have a face correction or anything else then Dr. Sandeep Sharma is definitely your man, to fulfill your dreams and take you ahead. One actually can trust him completely and just relax !!

thanks a lot and regards.

This person underwent chin augmentation surgery to improve the profile of his face.

Dear Sandeep,

Prior to my departure from London, I could not have imagined that I would be addressing my consultant surgeon by his first name. Your hospitality had been exceptional both personally and professionally.

My experience under your knife has changed my life and will no doubt please my wife. Once again thank you for your service and I would sincerely recommend you to friends and family back home.

Yours sincerely, s.amin

This gentleman underwent a Gynaecomastia (male breast correction) surgery

Radhika, 21 years

Battling acne for more than 8 years has been quite an experience. It’s been a WAR. You against your SELF-ESTEEM.

It sometimes can be quite a confidence- breaker if you were to take my opinion. I am not all for vanity but clear skin is loved by all. After the surgery, and still re-couping I have to heartily thank the man who made it all possible – my doctor –DR.SHARMA.

So, we don’t have to voluntarily inflict this upon ourselves anymore.8 years--- I drew a line. I am happy. I wish you people the best with your skin too. Love and Happiness for an ever glowing skin (heart!!)

This patient underwent facial rejuvenation using a combination of surgical(dermabrasion) and non-surgical techniques for acne(pimple) scars

Dr. Sharma,

Thank you for a wonderful Hair transplant experience. My doubts have vanished by your knowledge and skillful hands during my surgery. Your staff is well trained and accommodating. Keeping me calm during my anxious moments. Words are not enough to thank you and I look forward to seeing the fruit of your labour.


This person underwent a Hair Transplant operation for Hair Restoration.

Hi Everyone,

First of all thanks ever so much to Dr Sandeep, I got introduced by my friend from UK. As I am 40 I needed my breast lift up & also reduction for tummy & that few little fat on my thigh too. He explained me everything so nicely giving to me lot of his time.

Now one month after when I see myself in mirror, amazing this is totally new me. From 40 looks like I am 20’s, lot of confidence the care before & after surgery is also too too good, clinic is nice & clean, first time I come across one in India the cost is I would say is nothing compare to the treatment care & the result you get. After this now I believe that nothing is impossible in this world.

Thank you Dr .Sandeep.

This Lady Underwent a Breast lift, Tummy Tuck and lower body liposuction.

Dealing with the trauma of having one’s nose split wide open can never be an experience worth recounting!However,kudos to Dr. Sandeep Sharma of ‘Aesthetique’ for a superbly performed surgery that has restored my ‘Aesthetics’!Not only is Dr.Sharma a remarkable surgeon but also has an uncanny knack of putiing his patients at ease with his pleasant and calm demeanour.I will forever be in debt to Dr. Sharma and ‘Aesthetique’ and wish both the very best that life has to offer.

Thanking you, Achal Joshi.

This person underwent nose reconstruction surgery.

For the experience and the dealing of the ‘Hair transplant Surgery’ into the honour of Dr. Sandeep Sharma of ‘Aethetique’ very excellent and giving his patient to get a higher result of the surgery.With the experience of about several months he very good in nature,sensitive and takes care about his patient very well.I wis to both Dr.Sandeep Sharma and ‘Aesthetic’ very well for their performance.

Thanking you, Priyank Patel.

This person underwent a hair transplant surgery.

Breast Implant ke Baare maine bahut saari baatein sunne ko milti hai.kuch sahi toh kuch galat.maine bhi kuch sunna tha.kuch internet ke madhyam se toh kuch suni sunayi baate.maine sunna tha ki implant karva ne k baad breast normal nahi dikhte.woh kaafi tight ho jaate hai.lekin asa bilkul bhi nahi hai.maine khud breast implant karvaya hai.aur mera experience kafi aacha hai.mere breast vaise hi hai jaise normal breast hoti hai.utni hi mulayum aur soft. You can touch it. You can feel it.aur aachi baar toh ye hai ki operation karvane ke kuch ghante baad hi aap ghar bhi ja sakte ho aur ek week may apni normal life start kar sakte ho.saavdhani toh har kisi main rakhni padti hai.operation ke naam se darne ki jaroori hi nahi ek normal process hai jisme jald hi recovery ho jaati hai.

Important baatein ye hi hai ki aap sahi doctor choose kariye.You can find and get lots of list of plastic surgeons. But I suggest Dr.Sandeep Sharma.Dr. Sharma is not only intelligent but also good in nature. You can discuss your query and you get the right answer of your any type of query. The best thing is that Dr.Sharma starts from basic knowledge. He will tell you what is an implant, what is the process of breast implant, what kind of stuff you take before and after implants. The hospital stuff is very good and helpful in nature. You just feel like your home.

In short, Dr. Sandeep Sharma and his stuff is intelligent with care in nature. I am satisfied with my surgery and I am happy with the service provided by Aesthetique center. I am very thankful to Dr.Sandeep Sharma. Thank you for giving me that thing which god had forgotten to give me.Thank you very much.

If you are coming from another city or other state and you feel that you can’t go back after operation. Aesthetique center provides you the facility to stay. This is nothing but a care of the patient. Patient is free from any type of problem during the surgery period.

She underwent a Breast Augmentation Surgery.


I am 16yrs from UK, had problem for pimples as I turned 14 made me look so bad sometimes avoid going out because of that which also left me with a lot of marks. My mom took me to Dr. Nilam Desai and she found out that the cause of my problem was dandruff. She also started peeling on my skin and wow! After long time my face is without the pimples and marks. Amazing! This is now new me.

Thanks, Dr.Nilam.

Lavina Jagtiani,

After my accident,I had doubts if my face could be restored to normal or not.But Thanks to Dr.Sandeep Sharma,the results seem way better than expected.I joined the profession of dentistry owing to my ortho treatment and how inspired I was from my dentist.All I have to say is,had I had my accident before my 12th,perhaps things would have been different.I think he is an excellent surgeon and so very impressive.and a special thanks to the staff for their utmost courteousness.

Thank you so much, Dr.Sharma

This person underwent a nose reconstruction surgery.

Gaurang Patel,

Though I was skeptical at first whether I am the suitable candidate for hair implants or not,Dr. Sandeep Sharma was convincing that anybody worth proper enthusiasm from within can go through this procedure and can achieve fruitful results following the transplants.the staff at the clinic was more than co- operative and friendly and the experience was just the same and me being the part for their family and less of a doctor/patient .

Thank, Dr.Sharma

This person underwent hair transplant surgery.

Life is full of choices for some….and for others, things are more need based/necessity driven.Honestly,When I walked in at the center for the first time, it was for addressing a need. It was only after my visit here, that I realized that in the process of getting a corrective treatment. I would be among the lucky few, who get to see their bodies transform miraculously, overnight.

Speaking of choices, if you are assertive about what you want from a surgical procedure of this sort,or are even open to the idea of being privileged enough to choose what you desire, this place is haven.I,However ,do not stand qualified for either of the categories,for,quite admittedly, I was reticent for most part of it, spoke only when I was spoken to ---- and more importantly, was unsure of what I wanted.

And yet, and let this be counted as a feat to Dr.Sharma’s credit, that he could take me through the entire process very patiently and adroitly, at that! I am sure figuring things out and narrowing down on choices that would fit someone like me, would have been herculean for him. This I say, because apparently, an aspiring person today is spoilt for choice today, what with the plethora of opinions available. My advice to anyone who wishes to go in for such a procedure would be to do a little research of your own before you approach your surgeon.Also,it helps to k now your own preferences in terms of the specifications involved. And even if your’ re clueless, you will do just fine. I know, I did!

The staff was really polite and supportive. The sunny disposition of the entire team here puts one at ease instantly.I, in particular, like the way the place is done. It all works really well to create a milieu of normalcy --- a psychological pre requisite for someone who decides that something is not right with his/her body and needs corrections, but is apprehensive due to various odd stigma/images/taboos associated with our culture/society.

All in all, for me, it was pleasant and certainly very productive. I am happy I could get over my inhibitions and the results are now for me to treasure, for life!!

Thank, Dr.Sharma
This is a 24yr old girl who underwent breast augmentation surgery.

Hi, I  am  Khushma I went  through complete body shape which totally gave  new  look  to  my  body.  After  my  two  caesarean  and  feeding  my  each  child  for  two  years.  I  lost  my figure { loose breast }.  As every Indian lady I also accepted myself. But once on accessing  internet & fortunately looking Dr. Sandeep  Sharma’s  website, it gave me new hope and confidence  { Atleast  70% reduction which helps to  regain    confidence &  new  look }  and  it  is  working. He  is  a very  good   surgeon { cleanliness &  finishing is  in  his  hand }. I am thankful to him and  his  staff,  Specially  to aunty { Sandeep’s  Sir’s  mom }  for  her personal  attention in my  last  visit . Thank you  for  everything.

Thank, Dr.Sharma

This 31yr old female underwent complete body shaping.


I’ve known Dr. Sandeep Sharma  for  4years now – not only have  I seen Him help me  with  so many  delicate issued with my  body cut  also .  I’ve been a adroitness  to  countless number of women , men & children  alike who have  approached  him  for a  new   lease of life…..

I’ve  consulted  him  on  a  very  regular basis   for  several issues  of my  body and  I have immense  confidence  in  him  both as a doctor  as  well as  a  friend !

I’ve   also  recommended   to him to many of  my Friends  &  relatives and  even  they  have benefitted   a  huge  deal  from  him.   He  keeps himself   updated to   every   new procedure  that  gets  invented every minute internationally… And  that  is  a  very  huge  advantage of  having a  doctor  like  him  around  .

I’m   glad  to  have crossed paths  with him  and  I  know  that  this association is  here  to  stay !!

I  thank  his staff  and  him for  always being  there for   us!!

Thank, Dr.Sharma

She underwent submental,mandibular lines and cheek liposuction.

Mine was a form of corrective treatment that a host of girls aspire to go for at some or the other point of time in their lives.Although I would want to thiank of my case as being different,I am still glad I was fortunate enough to find a place like this to address my need.I will not go on to expatiate about the doctor’s skills and expertise ---they are already for the world to see!!Also,the centre meets every desideratum in my list for an ideal place for a treatment of this routine.My only thoughts right now, as regards the entire experience of being here,are those of the initial skepticism,the gradual crossing of my subliminalcomfort zone,getting rid of my internal phantoms and eventually emerging as a changed entity ----- and the entire unit at Aesthetique being around to take care that the journey is smooth.Heart felt thanks to one and all!

Thanks, Dr.Sharma
She underwent breast augmentation surgery.


I am Prateek Shrivastav,

I came to know about Dr.Sandeep Sharma from one of my friends.Soon I went for consultancy and felt satisfied with the knowledge and experience of the doctor,that I am at the right place .I was having a scar on my right hand which was very bad visually due to wrongly stitched,which was necessary for me to get removed or reduced so that it can look better visually ,where Dr.Sandeep Sharma help me reducing the scar.It was a very good experience when that got operated,I didn’t feel it was getting operated and it was so nicely stitched,where their was no pain in my hand at that same time and after operation also.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sandeep Sharma and co – staff.
This person underwent scar revision surgery.


I was always in two minds about going for liposuction procedure or not,but the hope and wish to fit into sexy fitted clothes made me go for it and along with counselling from Dr.Sharma,whom I knew through common friends.He explained the risks and benefits to me in great details and the result is I am much happier about how I lookk,Clothes now fit,I feel great.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sharma and his staff for their co-operation.
This person underwent a liposuction for the thighs.


I am Panna Patel and i was overweight and was having difficulty to move around.I came from UK for a short time searching for a doctor who could help me.I found Dr.Sharma on the net,consulted him and he gave me his professional advise.He has done an excellent job.I was very pleased with what he has done for me and I have faith in Dr.Sharma.I have visited him again and I have reffered him to few of my family members and friends.His work has changed my personality and my looks.If anyone has any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you,Dr.Sharma.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sharma and his staff for their co-operation.
This person under went a whole body make over procedure.


I am Binita Patel from Uganda.Since my childhood,I wanted to change something on my face but I didn’t know what..time by time passed and I came to know that the shape of my nose…but the big question for me is how and with whom…than I got the news of “Aesthetique”.. Dr.Sandeep Sharma.I decided to visit him in my 2011 trip to India and it was successful.I am satisfied and he has done an excellent job.

I am so happy with my nose shape and skin complexion.The happy and friendly environment which I got here is unforgettable wishing them more success ahead..and prosperous future.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sharma and his staff for their co-operation.
This person underwent a nose reshaping surgery.


Got to know Dr.Sandeep Sharma from a good friend.Mine was a corrective surgery.It went very well.Dr.Sharma was very patient ,polite and didn’t make me feel out of place.I have regained my confidence and fell on top of this world.

The hospital staff is friendly and caring.In terms of cleanliness,I would rate a 10/10.Over all I am very grateful to the hospital staff for keeping the hospital in this good state.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sharma and his staff for their co-operation.
This patient underwent a breast reduction surgery.


Dr.Sandeep Sharma suggested me Dr.Nilam Desai for the problem that I was suffering regarding the acne,scars on my face.Dr.Nilam was no less than a boon for this problem.She is so polite ,perfect in her work and so to treat my problems.It has been years that I was going through this mess ,but Dr.Nilam just made things fall in the right place .

Its hardly a month that I have completed my treatment,half the way and the results are just awesome.I feel so good,now looking at my own face that it cant be expressed in words.This is all due to the perfection and the proper guidance in her treatment that has brought such good results.My acne has almost disappeared ,my skin has become softer than ever,it has become so glowing and shiny.

And secondly it makes me feel great coming here because I feel so comfortable,the infrastructure of Aesthetique is so good,clean ,perfect facilities are provided ,keen and minute care is taken of each patients problem and comfort and the staff is truly polite and friendly,hich is worth appreciating.

In short ,hat Dr.Nilam has brought me to, I can never thank her in words.I am really grateful towards her and the staff.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sharma and his staff for their co-operation

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