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Skin freckles are flat little brownish spots caused by sun exposure and the melanin pigments that give color to our skin. They pose no health risk at all, and are absolutely harmless.
There are two types of freckles
  • Ephelides: red or light brown spots that usually appear during summer but disappear in winter. These are common to fair-skinned people and mostly genetic in nature.
  • Lentigines:also called lentigo complex, they’re spots that are darker than ephelides, which may be tan, brownish or black. These don’t fade in winter.
The sun is the number one cause for skin freckles. Sun exposure thickens the outer skin layer (epidermis) and increase melanin production.

Darker-skinned individuals are less sensitive to sun exposure than fair-skinned persons. Nevertheless, it is the uneven distribution and heavy deposits of the melanin pigments that causes freckling.
 There are safe and effective methods to fade freckles or get rid of them.They are: 
  • Cryosurgery :A light freeze using liquid nitrogen used to remove freckles.
  • Laser treatment :Green light laser treatment can lighten and eliminate freckles safely and effectively.
  • Tretinoin: Vitamin A acid or Retin-A,
  • Skin bleaching creams:Freckles are a little stubborn to fade, if remove at all. Skin bleaching creams help to just fade them.
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