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Dull and Damaged Skin
There are many reasons of dull and damaged skin. Some of them are listed here:
    The basic surgical challenge of any liposuction procedure is:
  • Unbalanced diet: It leads to insufficiency of vitamins like Vitamin A, vitamin B, and minerals like iodine and iron.
  • Pollution: If you expose your body to the wind carrying dirt and dust, your skin becomes dull.
  • Insufficient cleansing of skin after the use of Cosmetics.
  • Uncontrolled tension: It can make your skin tone more vulnerable and results in pimple breakouts and other skin issues.
  • Lack of proper rest: It will lead to the dark circles under your eyes and this will affect your beauty in the long run.
  • lcohol Consumption: Too much of alcohol drinking is also harmful for the skin and beauty care as it causes excretion essential minerals from the body.
  • Exposing the body to extreme temperatures, staying in the sun for prolonged periods and humid conditions can affect the brightness of the skin.
  • Inadequate Intake of water: The skin loses its natural glow due to dehydration.
  • Loss of Moisture: During the winter and monsoon seasons the skin looks very dull and dry because during these harsh climates the sebum barrier breaks down causing the skin to look dull as there is loss of moisture from the skin.

Having a healthy lifestyle and using natural ingredients are the best ways to take care of your beauty. But if you are already having dull and damaged skin then there are a lot of treatment options available to rejuvenate your skin.

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