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Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
This is increasing in popularity and social acceptance.Its benefits are improved appearance or improved sexual function. These cosmetic procedures help restore the muscle tone and the appearance(aesthetics) of the vagina & labia.
Procedures done at our center and its benefits:
  • Labia Minora Reduction : Improves appearance of Labia
  • Labia Majora Reduction : Improves appearance of Labia
  • Labia Majora Augmentation : Improves appearance of Labia

2. Labial Tightening

3. Hymen Restoration : Repair of the torn hymen

4. Mons Pubis Reduction

5. Vaginal Rejuvenation : Functional procedures of the vaginal canal to improve sexual function gratification

6. Vaginal tightening : Functional procedures of the vaginal canal to improve sexual function gratification
Vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening procedures:
Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery tightens the inside of the vaginal canal and the opening of the vagina to improve or enhance sexual function.
Causes of vaginal relaxation (Lax Vagina):
  • Following Pregnancy
  • Genetics i.e. women born with weak pelvic floor muscles and supportive structures
  • excessive stress and strain on the pelvic floor from activities such as weight lifting, pushing, or heavy lifting
  • chronic stress and stress due to medical problems such as chronic cough, asthma, constipation, COPD.

In many women this may result in less friction, less sensation, the feeling of being "too loose" Vaginal rejuvenation tightens and restores the vagina and supporting structures to a "pre-pregnancy" almost “virgin”state, thereby re-establishing sexual gratification for both women and men,and improving the physical & mental wellbeing of a woman.

  • Women with Vaginal relaxation
  • Those wanting repair of torn hymen
  • Women not happy with their enlarged Labia(majora or Minora)-Since birth, changed following childbirth, changes following ageing.
  • Women desirous of more volume in the labial region

Anesthesia: Either of General or epidural anesthesia. Most patients prefer general anesthesia as that allows them better relaxation during the surgical procedure.

Recovery after Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Post Operative Pain: There is some pain and discomfort felt after having a vaginal rejuvenation, which is well controlled by pain-killers and rest. The majority of the patients become pain free within two weeks.
  • Patient usually discharged from hospital in 1-2 days.
  • Resuming the day to day activities and sexual intercourse is gradual like post delivery, and may take about 12 -14 weeks .
Labia Majora Augmentation Surgery
Labia majora augmentation surgery is similar to the lip augmentation of the face. The lady’s own fat is used as filler. This fat is used to puff up the area underneath the loose skin so the wrinkles will be stretched and thus disappear. At our center we use fat admixed with stem cells. This improves the survival of fat cells during the transfer thus giving improved outcomes.
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